Secondary Sources: Knowle Only

There are only a very few secondary sources specific to Knowle, but numerous books on Warwickshire which include it in very general terms.

In addition to the volumes listed below the Society produces a series of booklets, described on the  Publications page.

Publications page

'The Records of Knowle’ (Canon Downing, 1914)

Includes the following: transcripts of the early Parish Registers (up to 1812), reprinted in full with an index up to 1912; selected churchwardens’ and overseers’ accounts; Westminster Abbey muniments; charity records; chronology of the church. Original registers, both old and modern, are at Warwick.

'The History of Knowle' (Eva Wootton)

A very readable book, but not all that good as reference material. Eva Wootton is at her best when recalling the 20th century.

'Knowle Collegiate Church' (Revd. Dr. Anthony Upton)

Standard reference work for the church. Dr. Upton checked all his sources. He wrote the first draft of this book when only 16.

'Remember Walter Cook' (Revd. Dr. Anthony Upton)

A definitive biography of the founder of Knowle church, including an historical perspective of Knowle in the early 15th century.

Knowle Monumental Survey

A survey of the gravestones, with index, compiled by Birmingham & District Genealogical Society.  Copies can be found with The Society, the Parish Office and Knowle Library.

Parish Magazines (1890 on).

A social history of the village in themselves. Advertisements are invaluable. There is a complete set in the Parish Office and a partial set at the Local History Centre.

Register of The Guild of Knowle

Specific to the history of the Guild of Knowle (1413 - 1547)Transcribed & translated by W. B. Bickley, 1894. Covers the years 1451 - 1535 and contains a list of all the Guild members during this period. A world renowned source for the early history of the Shakespeare family.

Solihull and Its Church (R. Pemberton)

Contains a lot of relevant information, especially on the Greswolde family and the area of Knowle in the ecclesiastical parish of Solihull (Copt Heath)

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Secondary Sources: Warwickshire

The Antiquities of Warwickshire (William Dugdale)

First edition 1656. Second (better) edition, edited by Dr. Thomas, 1730.

The Victoria County History

Done from secondary sources. We are lucky - Warwickshire was done in 1939. They still haven’t finished all the counties.

The Place Names of Warwickshire

An excellent reference book with a very useful and scholarly introduction containing general information about the origins of the County.

Numerous Books on Warwickshire, Birmingham and individual places

These are too numerous to mention individually. They are available in most local record offices and libraries and contain brief information about Knowle.

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