Knowle Local History Society was formed in 2007 as an independent organization dedicated to the promotion of the study of the history of Knowle.  It operates for the benefit of the residents of Knowle and the wider public with the following aims:

For 30 years the founding members of the Society were part of a local civic society covering a wide range of environmental issues.  With the rapid increase in interest in local history and family history over the last few years it became apparent that there was a need for a society to focus exclusively on local history.

Since forming Knowle Local History Society in early 2007, and following its inaugural public meeting the following October the Society now has over 100 members with a specific interest in local history, many of them life-long Knowle residents who grew up in the village and whose knowledge is vital when mounting exhibitions and answering queries.  The Society therefore has a huge store of background knowledge of Knowle history and a large number of personal contacts.

Knowle Local History Society  seeks to make information available to a wider public through publications, exhibitions, CDs, lectures and tours of Knowle.  It actively seeks information relating to Knowle, mostly from long-standing Knowle residents and by study of historical documents, both public and private.  It provides an enquiry service.

The Society is a member of the Friends of Warwickshire County Record Office and Warwickshire Local History Society and is the member of the Warwickshire On-Line Parish Clerk Scheme for Knowle.  The Society maintains close links with other local history societies in the immediate locality.  

Membership of the British Association for Local History comes with our public liability insurance.

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