Members of the Society have been taking photographs for record purposes since 1980.  They include images of scenes which are changing and significant events.  As occasions such as Knowle Festivals are usually officially covered very professionally by Knowle Camera Club and other local professionals, we tend to concentrate on other events: when interesting properties change hands or are re-devoloped we try to persuade the owners to let us take photographs, such as for the sale of  two local farms.  There is one particularly interesting set of photographs taken at  the sale of Grimshaw Hall, when there was public access to this beautiful 16th century timbered yeoman farmhouse.

Inevitably we need to be selective, as it would be impossible to record every event which takes place in Knowle.  We concentrate on things which may be lost (such as the red post box and telephone box near St. John’s Way - happily both still with us). Another priority is established shops which close: members have a good selection from both Sodens, Maddocks and Curtis's..

Another good source for future reference is our collection of modern sales particulars, for which are indebted to our local estate agents. We try to collect these for significant buildings.  They give a good description of the building, frequently include a layout and usually have photographs.  Although older properties may have changed over the years, they are still a valuable record.

Copies of some photographs are also available at Knowle Library.

Library courtyard, 1970s

The old school converted to sheltered housing, 1979

Grimshaw Hall on sale day, 2000

Maddocks Newsagents, closed 2001

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