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The Junior School Second World War project will take place on March 12th, this year in a different form: about five Society members or others will each give a ten minute presentation on various aspects of the war, which the children will use as the basis for  a ‘newspaper article’.  This annual occasion is enjoyed by adults and children alike; the latter gain much from listening to first hand accounts of the war.

Knowle C of E Primary Academy World War 2 Project

As reported some time ago, for members only the text and photographs relating to an exhibition or talk can be  uploaded to the Society’s cloud storage on request.  The Society has dedicated its storage on One Drive for the purpose.  The committee has now agreed  to make some of its data available to the public, either on the web site or the Cloud (he Society also has 15GB on Google Drive).  Some of the most common documents used when answering queries, such as the trade directories, the 1904 Ordnance Survey map, etc. are already on Google Drive for our own use. There seems to be no objection to publishing links to those items we are happy to share (without access to the whole drive), probably through an extension to the Knowle Records menu.  Life would be easier for enquirers and ourselves alike.  Some of the main estate brochures might also be useful.  We cannot give access to the parish registers and census returns, which have been downloaded from a family history site and which are copyright. Enquirers may, however, access these free of charge themselves from most public libraries.  There is the same problem with some of the photographs.  Once again, watch this space.

Access to Society Data  and On Line Resources

Solihull Action through Advocacy, a registered charity, partly funded by Solihull Council, which supports people from institutions like Middlefield in the community.  They are now researching the history of Middlefield and would welcome help from individuals.  The Society has sent a letter of support for their Heritage Lottery bid.  Please contact us if you are interested.  

Solihull Action Through Advocacy

For some time the Society has been preparing an extension to its web site, which will take the form of short entries for significant people and places in the village.  It will be a long time before it is complete, but an initial phase is almost ready to upload.  Initially there will be two or three entries for each geographical section.  Until now, it has been policy for entries to be very short; but if made longer they could double as articles for other purposes.  Watch this space.

Right: Kixley Lane beyond the bridge, 1983 from the Kixley Lane & Elvers Green section.

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