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Milverton Farm

(Formerly on site of Petrol Station)

The petrol station stands on the site of Milverton Farm, which was demolished in the 1960s.  It was associated with three well-known Knowle families: the Glovers, the Chinns and lastly the Taylors, who ran a dairy.  Woodfields had a blacksmiths business in the outbuildings from the late 1800s until about 1940.

The property was purchased by George Fletcher, who built the garage in the 1950s.  It operated as Knowle Service Station; the village taxi was housed on the same site; Ardenvale Coaches was run at the rear.  He sold it to Conoco Jet in the 1960s; Ardenvale Coaches then moved to Dell Farm in High Street (demolished 1960s)  Cook Close was developed along the side in the 1970s.  The filling station is now the only garage in the village which sells petrol.  

Milverton Farm, 1960s

Knowle Service Station, 1950s