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The Society’s programme for 2020 will not be decided until much later in 2019. It is likely to take the same form as that for 2019: two talks with in house speakers, two with outside speakers, possibly plus a luncheon at the Wilson Arms in the Spring and a social evening in July. Exhibitions will probably be on show at Knowle and Solihull as usual.  

Provisional projects included Warwick Road ~ The Wilson Arms to Malvern Hall in the spring, completing the cycle of projects based on a tour round central Knowle, which are popular with both outside organizations and those wanting a short talk after a meal.  Scheduled for the autumn is The Changing Village ~ Knowle Since 1945.  These are both very big jobs, projects, o we hope we have not bitten off more than we can chew: Society projects have a habit of expanding with a mind of their own, starting with Knowle Lodge in 1982.  Last year A Stroll Along Station Road was intended to include Lodge Road, but grew too big.