The Society has supplied several local businesses and organisations with displays, often in the form of photographs, which the enquirer then mounts on prominent wall space. They frequently relate to the history of the enquirer’s premises, particularly of an historic building.  We usually also supply a short piece of text.  

Occasionally we can supply small exhibitions, either (if temporary) on our own boards or on space provided by the enquirer.  One popular exhibition which we can supply quickly with existing material is Images of Knowle, described below.

The Society holds a huge amount of reference data, acquired over the last thirty years, as well as existing exhibition texts.  Click on the links below for a full list of past projects or the current year’s exhibition programme.

The Society’s back history of exhibitions is too long to illustrate here; with all past projects it is listed on a separate page.

Images of Knowle , illustrated below, is an exhibition of varied content that can be produced quickly from existing prints.

Narrow boat at Grove Farm swing bridge

Grove Cottage, Copt Heath.


A display of photographs of Knowle, divided into areas of the village: The Square, Kenilworth Road, Kixley Lane, The Canal & Elvers Green, High Street, Hampton Road, Warwick Road (north), Lodge Road & Longdon Road, Station Road, Warwick Road (south).  With a short piece of text for each section.

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